Giving Back to THE Community 

Every year we give a portion of our sales to a charity we are passionate about - The Sick Kids vs. Limits Campaign. If you have chosen Bellwood Blooms to be part of your event, you have also chosen to help us give back to our community. 


Choosing Sick Kids as our annual donation recipient was an easy choice. As a new mother, I now more than ever value the well being of our children and the access to remarkable healthcare that Sick Kids Hospital provides for our little ones. I know many lives that have been touched by the amazing work that goes on at this award winning hospital. I am privileged to also know some of the heroes that walk the hallways on a daily basis, and commend them for what I can only image to be one of the toughest job’s around.

The 'Sick Kids VS Limits' campaign at Sick Kids Foundation is a campaign that aims to build a new hospital, to ensure that every child has the opportunity to seek the healthcare they may need in the future. I would like to extend a huge Thank You to all of my clients who make this donation possible year after year! - Ruth Laurie, Bellwood Blooms Founder